In 2015, we had the pleasure of joining fellow Torontonian Irena Tomasevic on her annual trip to Belgrade to visit family and enjoy the city. We knew that if there was someone who could offer insight into how to spend a day in this charming city, it would be her. 


By Irena Tomasevic 


Start your day by picking up some cheese burek with yogurt on the side at a local bakery. This delicious flaky pastry is filled to the brim with feta and melts in your mouth when warm. This will last you all the way through lunch! Many bakeries also make vegan options – they’re indicated as posno.

Do as the Romans did in 3rd century BC and take a stroll through Kalemegdan ark to see the Belgrade Fortress for yourself. The view of Belgrade and the Danube is stunning, and the park surrounding it is brimming with souvenir kiosks, cafes, as well as the charming Belgrade Zoo and the famous Pobednik monument. 


Take a coffee break at one of the many cafes in Belgrade. One of my personal favourites is Kafeterija, with 15 locations dotting the city. Note: Belgrade is a very smoker-friendly city, so keep this in mind when getting your caffeine fix.

Immerse yourself into Serbia’s rich history and culture by making a stop at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. This is my personal favourite museum in the city, it is bursting with objects from personal collections, as well as the lavish colours and fabrics of traditional Serbian costumes and jewellery. It also houses one of the largest libraries of ethnographic and anthropological research from the 19th century onwards, which is amazing considering many documents and artefacts were destroyed during World War I.


Dinner in Skadarlija, the bohemian quarter of Belgrade, is the perfect way to end your day. Walk down the cobblestone streets to Tri Šešira or Dva Jelena, two charming restaurants with amazing service. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the live music as you sip on your rakija and wait for your ćevapi to be served hot off the grill. Don’t forget to ask for kajmak on the side!

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Posing at the Kalamegdan Fortress