Global Citizens: Interview Series (Linda Novobratski)

The Global Citizens Interview Series showcases Toronto babes that have moved to the city from abroad. We enjoy getting a different perspective and learning about how their beauty routines may have changed, as well as their favourite spots for a bite or drink! 

Name: Linda Novobratski

Where did you live before moving to Toronto? I lived in Munich

What’s one thing that you noticed about Toronto that is different from where you lived? Everything seems to be way bigger! Especially the buildings and there are way fewer pedestrian areas and transit options than I’m used to in Munich. 

Has your beauty routine changed in any way after moving here? It definitely changed! The water and weather are different here compared to Germany, especially during the winter months my skin was struggling to adjust to the Canadian cold. I had to switch up my skincare routine to very hydrating and moisturizing products in order to keep my skin from breaking out and getting dry patches. 

I also try to use locally produced products wherever I move in order to support smaller businesses. The Green Goddess Glow Oil was a game-changer and skin saver for me and I love that it’s handmade here in Toronto! :) 

Your go-to spots in the city for… 

Lunch - Hello123 

1122 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9, Canada

Dinner - Oretta ( I just love pasta! )

633 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, Canada

Coffee - Safehouse Coffee

1615 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T9, Canada

Drinks - Mother Cocktail Bar 

874 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3, Canada

What are your favourite Sarisha Beauty products and/or which products are you most excited to try? I love the Green Goddess Glow Oil and use it together with the Gua Sha Facial Sculptor. 

Those two products are an amazing duo and I like using them for a perfect little self-care moment.  Practising the Gua Sha ritual together with the oil really helps me reduce inflammation and makes my skin look and feel super soft and glowy. 

I also tend to wake up with a little puffiness around my eyes so I store both products in the fridge and then use them focusing around the eye area to de-puff and look awake for the day.