modern botanial beauty inspired by the ancient apothecary

natural & plant-based, handmade in small batches

SARISHA was born in 2018 from a duality between modern botanical beauty and the ancient apothecary.

Using ingredients that are potent and nutrient-rich, your skin can work it's magic without being stripped of it's natural oils.

Supporting your skin's microbiome means using gentle skincare, that does not require added preservatives, that does not over exfoliate and that does not contain unnecessarily long lists of ingredients. This is the way we formulate.

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beauty as ritual

Slow down time

Inspired by the art of what beauty once was and SARISHA founder's Indian roots, we want to help you turn your beauty routine into a ritual that you look forward to, day and night.

Beauty rituals can be simplified when you use products that are made of potent, plant-based ingredients, without any cheap fillers or ingredients that are toxic to your health and the environment. By creating our products in small batches, they arrive to you fresh and it avoids us creating unnecessary waste.

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We believe that one's beauty ritual should be an enjoyable experience for all of the senses. It is for this reason, that we shine a spotlight on the way in which plant-based beauty can create an experience that is nourishing for the body and soul. 

While we offer gentle and effective formulas made of pure, raw ingredients, we also create packaging that look and feel like art and can be reused or recycled. Our refill program will be brought back Spring 2021.


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About Us

About Us

SARISHA was originally created to solve founder Jacqueline’s problem of not finding affordable, gentle, plant-based and travel-friendly formulas to...

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