Founder Favourites

Here is an ongoing list of my favourites in terms of beauty & wellness items. I will keep this list updated as my routine changes. Enjoy! xo Jacqueline 


You have two chances in your day to improve your skin, so don't miss the opportunity to create a balanced beauty routine that works for you! Try to use as many clean/natural products as you can, it will make a difference. Every step you do on your face should be done on your neck and decolletage as well. 

Gua Sha

I’m trying to make this a new habit, so right when I wake up, even before I make my tea and write in my journal, I’ll take my Gua Sha (Métange Beauty), spray my face with rose water, apply my Green Goddess Glow Oil (Sarisha Beauty) and proceed with giving myself a facial. I hope this is a habit I can continue on the daily. 


Very essential step and maybe one of the most underrated. You want to be properly cleansing and figuring out what type of cleansers work best for you. You do not want to strip your skin of it’s natural oils and destroy your skin’s barrier with harsh cleansers or exfoliating too often. This is why I love oil cleansing and notice a huge difference when using this method. If it’s after a night that I’m wearing more makeup I might follow with a gentle gel cleanser, but typically I will only use an oil cleanser and a warm facial towel for mornings and evenings. 

Oil Cleanser w/ Facial Towel   Sarisha Beauty Oil Cleanser (coming soon) 

Can also start the day skipping cleansing and going right into a 10 minute mask. Masks are the most POTENT when first activated, so it's a great idea to choose a clay mask and mix it yourself. If you don't like the idea of mixing a mask each time, make a little extra and keep it in a glass jar left in the fridge for a few days. Once the mask starts to harden, gently rinse off with a warm facial towel. 


 A1, A2, A3, C1 masks by Sarish Beauty mixed with the liquid of your choice (honey, floral water, maple syrup, etc.) 

Moon Dust Mask (once a week for exfoliating) 

Facial Mist / Toners 

Avène Eau ThermaleShoppers Drug Mart 

Caudalie Grape Water → Sephora

100% Natural Moroccan Rose Water/Hydrosol→ 


Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum (Detox Market) VERY hydrating and might not work great for those with oilier skin types. For my skin, a little goes a very long way. I will only use this a few times a week, overnight and not during the day, because of my oily/combo skin.

Budget: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid →

Vitamin C Serum Find one that works for you @ Detox Market / Shoppers Drug Mart 

I’m currently very much enjoying the Body Deli Vital C Serum from Detox Market. A little goes a long way, I use one/two drops. The scent and texture is amazing and feels so nice under my facial oil. During the summer I keep my morning routine very simple: oil cleanse, tone, vitamin c, facial oil + SPF (depends on the type I’m using)* + eye cream

*chemical spf : before serums + oils 

*physical spf: after as a last step before makeup 



Sarisha Beauty Firming & Tightening Serum (only need a drop for under eyes) 

Caudalie Vine Active Energizing & Smoothing Eye Cream → Sephora 

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG →

Facial Oil

Sarisha Beauty Green Goddess Glow Oil 

An incredibly moisturizing and healing oil that works for all skin types and does not clog pores. A base of organic Hemp Seed & Rosehip with a blend of superstar ingredients like Prickly Pear, Neroli, Sea Buckthorn, Rose and Blue Tansy. This oil truly revitalizes the skin and enhances your natural glow. 

Avène SPF 50 High Protection Emulsion → Shoppers Drug Mart



Loose Mineral Powder → Urban Minerals 

Concealer Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer or Alima Pure Cream Concealer Detox Market

Cheeks → Ilia Multi Stick in A Fine Romance, Dreamer, Summertime → Detox Market or Sephora

Eyeshadow → Ilia (Warm Nude) The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette → Detox Market or Sephora 

Eyebrows → Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil or an eyeshadow that matches the shade of your hairs → Sephora 

Eyeliner → Ilia Clean Line Gel Liner or a Brown Eyeshadow → Detox Market or Sephora 

for the summer months I love using a Metallic Olive Green Pencil on the top lash line. It gives your look more of a sparkle and is less intense compared to a black or brown. I use the Volcanic Minerals Eyeliner by Korres in #5

Mascara → Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara → Detox Market/Sephora

Lips → Hurraw! Lip Balm + Lipstick in Bordeaux BaeUrban Minerals

Dusing summer months I try to stick to an SPF tinted lip balm. Currently using Kiel’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25 (in Touch of Berry) 

I don't apply lipstick directly on my lips. For a more natural look, apply to your finger and blend into your lips. It’ll look like a natural tint rather than a bold lip.


Rahua Classic Shampoo + Hydration Conditioner → Detox Market 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Baking Soda 

Nourishing Hair Serum Sarisha Beauty 

Natural Dry Shampoo Sarisha Beauty 

Virgin Coconut Oil → Occasionally use a tiny amount on the ends of my damp hair after washing 


Dry Brush → Amazon / Detox Market 

Virgin Coconut Oil → Health Food / Grocery Stores 

LOVE U body OilSarisha Beauty 

Marché aux Fleurs Salt & Floral Bath  Sarisha Beauty 

Natural Perfumes 


-Eat whole foods, cut out processed foods + refined sugars (even try to minimize the amount of natural sugars per day). 

-Drink a lot of water + tea, minimize caffeine intake, specifically coffee if you have acne-prone skin. 

-Gut health is so important for healthy skin. Do research on how to improve your gut health and see if you can include some of these ideas into your routine

-Conditions that may cause acne: leaky-gut, candida overgrowth, food intolerances 

-While alcohol doesn't really help your skin, if you are drinking, the best would be a dry red wine (Pinot Noir for example) for the antioxidants and polyphenols