Committing to a proper beauty routine while flying is something that can make or break the way your skin looks for the remainder of your trip. Unfortunately, there is often mixed advice that is shared amongst the beauty world. How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and come across a post of some beauty blogger or influencer wearing a sheet mask for the duration of their flight? Or someone applying a rich water-based cream as soon as they take off? 

As a team of frequent flyers, we have developed a tried and true beauty routine that will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, the next time you fly. 

before your flight 

In contrast to popular belief, you want to do the most of your skin care before you get on your flight. This means going for a facial if possible and applying your most hydrating masks, serums and facial oils. Choosing natural & plant-based products whenever possible will ensure that your skin stays as pure as possible and prepares for flying.

Using a hydrating clay mask mixed with a floral water can help detoxify the skin and give you a pre-flight glow. We recommend the Deep Hydration Face Mask that contains raw cacao, pink clay and rosehip seed powder, as well as the Deep Hydration Face Serum which is a facial oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants that offers intense hydration and protects the skin. 

Ensure that you fly without makeup, because clogged pores + dehydrated skin + impure air on the flights = a recipe for disaster.

If you do feel the need to wear makeup, dust on some natural mineral powder, that contains bacteria fighting ingredients. Our go-to is this mineral foundation by Urban Minerals. It is completely natural & organic, containing amazing ingredients, like Sea Buckthorn, White Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, Marshmallow Root, Calendula & Rosemary.

Sometimes powders leave skin feeling and looking a bit dry. If that’s the case, take a hydrating and bacteria fighting oil, like our Anti-Jetlag Serum. Place a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together and press into dryer areas like your cheeks. 

Try to follow with some form of SPF. Our favourite is this SPF 50 setting spray by Supergoop! Chances are you’ll end up stuck beside someone who insists on keeping the window cover open during your flight, so using an SPF is essential. 

during your flight 

During your flight, you should aim to minimize the amount you touch your skin. Whenever you feel your skin looks greasy during a flight, this is actually because your skin is dehydrated and your body is trying to make up for it. Due to the lack of humidity on flights, the air ends up trying to draw moisture from your skin. This is why we always insist on not using water-based skin care products during your flights. That blogger on Instagram spraying their face with their mini Evian facial spray will end up even more dehydrated than if they kept it in their bag for after they exited the aircraft. 

If you feel dry and must apply something during your flight, go for an oil-based product like the Anti-Jetlag Serum. Just because your skin is oily does not mean you should avoid oils! The opposite is true. Using a facial oil tricks your skin into producing less sebum, which in excess is often one of the causes for acne and breakouts. 

We would also suggest you think twice before ordering a coffee, tea or alcohol while flying. This is simply going to add to your skin’s dehydration level. Save it for a few hours after landing and drinking water. 

after your flight 

Once you land, you can now use all the hydrating tools you brought with you. Once arriving at your accommodation, you can use a detoxifying face mask like the Deep Cleansing Mask, to remove impurities that your skin has been exposed to during your flight. Follow with your hydrating facial serums and oils. Now is the time those sheet masks will be of use! Do not forget to drink a lot of water as well! 


We hope this helps you care for your skin during your future travels. 


Sarisha Beauty