Since we launched the Deep Cleansing Face Mask in 2018, we knew that Activated Charcoal would be a hero ingredient in the years to come. Fast Forward to 2020 and we are still seeing the benefits of activated charcoal being praised within the beauty community. 

Key Benefits 

Activated Charcoal draws dirt, impurities and unwanted toxins to the skin's surface, while clarifying and minimizing the appearance of pores. When used in a mask, activated charcoal binds to dirt and pulls it out of your skin. It helps to control excess oil, so if you have dry or normal skin, ensure that you use hydrating serums and facial oils afterwards. Using a mask with activated charcoal once a week, especially during warmer months, is a great way to help keep skin clear from breakouts. 

Have you tried this superstar ingredient in your beauty routine yet?