This Gua Sha Stone by Metange is made of Obsidian, a stone formed naturally from molten volcanic lava that is cooled and hardened into a black glass. Black Obsidian has traditionally been used as a stone of healing, protection, and absorbing negative energy.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facial Massage:

+ Stimulates your skin’s circulatory system and promotes lymphatic drainage (for detoxification and de-puffing)

+ Relieves tense facial muscles (ideal for jaw tension, headaches), and calms the nervous system to self-soothe

+ Naturally lifts and sculpts the contours of the face

To use: glide across the skin in long, fluid strokes and various acupressure points outlined in the card insert.

Each stone is housed within a metal outer case (ideal for re-purposing) and includes a soft sleeve to store in for travel.

Gua Sha is a healing massage technique originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditionally, a stone tool is glided across the skin in long, fluid strokes, and various acupressure points.


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