For the most part, these breakouts are due to hormonal issues. Sometimes this type of acne shows up in the form of cystic breakouts and occur the week before or during your period. During the winter months, we tend to notice more hormonal breakouts, usually due to lifestyle changes that seem to come with the colder weather. Our skin is now dealing with freezing outdoor weather and then the contrast of toasty (and dry) indoor heating, all within the same hour. Burning hot showers become the norm and we tend to drink less water throughout the day, opting for hot (and often sugary/caffeinated) drinks. With a bit of effort and some mindfulness, you can break the cycle and avoid the usual winter breakouts. 

If you are dealing with this type of acne:

1) get your hormone levels checked 
2) watch your intake of processed foods, sugar & alcohol (whole foods are always the way to go for your best skin!) This is the season of temptation. However, keep in mind that overdoing it will result in breakouts. Not everyone's body reacts to foods the same way, some become inflamed more easily and require more attention. 
3) find some lifestyle tweaks that work for you to help reduce stress this holiday season. Having a good morning & nighttime routine always helps. Try spending at least an hour away from screens/tech per day (yoga class, meditation, self-care workshops, reading etc.) 
4) DRINK YOUR WATER! Try to carry water with you at all times. Non-caffeinated tea is always an okay option as well if you're like me and get cold easily during the winter and need that extra warmth throughout the day. 

Some extra tips that help me and may help you: 

-hot water and lemon in the AM (can add some apple cider vinegar as well) 
-a good quality probiotic supplement (I look for 50 billion CFU)
-vitamin D supplement during the winter months (I prefer liquid drops) 
-zinc on a full stomach 
-a good skincare routine (oil cleansing, natural exfoliators, toners, a moisturizing / healing facial oil + spf during the day)  
-less makeup if possible to avoid drying out skin even more & clogging pores 

Food intolerances


Watch out for food intolerances, healthy skin is what you put ON and IN your body. Focusing on gut health is CRUCIAL for clear skin. Often if you are breaking out even though you're using the right skin care & makeup, it probably has something to do with your gut health. They say that your gut is your second brain and largely impacts all aspects of your health. 

If you can't seem to figure out why you're breaking out, consider trying an elimination diet. Cut out certain foods at a time, slowly adding to the list, in order to figure out what has been causing your acne. Some types of foods that you may want to test for intolerances through an elimination diet: 






-high histamine foods 

As always, consider speaking to your medical or naturopathic doctor prior to making any changes to your diet / supplements. 

I hope that these tips help keep you breakout free this winter! 


Lots of love,