Name: Saavan Sagar 

Bio: Ojai based content creator and model

Social Links: @jahsaavan

Tell us about Verdurous Women! What is it and what inspired it’s creation? 

Verdurous Women is a platform I created with my best friend Kristin. It largely revolves around how our lives are enhanced by all the ways plants bring joy into the world. It's a place to highlight other voices that are curating spaces around caring for plants. Our main mission is to highlight people, public spaces, and small businesses that bring us inspiration through this shared mission. 

What do plants mean to you and what importance do they play in your daily routine? 

I love my plant babies! I just think that watching things thrive around you can be such an important and grounding part of anyone's daily routine. 

How did your love for plants initially form? 

My love for plants started when I was furnishing my first TINY apartment in London. I love interior design and was studying design at the time but I couldn’t afford nor could I fit any exciting pieces in my space. It’s truly amazing how much plants can transform a room even if you are limited in space- they evolve within the environment you create and it’s such a dynamic and fun way to bring a vibrancy to a space. 

Tell us about your involvement with Amass Botanics? 

I stumbled upon Amass last year and got to know the backstory of the brand before onboarding as one of their storytellers! It’s a brand with a product I really believe in and I love sharing their magic with the people around me!  I’m a huge fan of happy hour cocktails especially if it involved gin!

I absolutely love your style- what are some essentials you think everyone should have in their wardrobe? 

I keep my style pretty minimal. My closest is just a ton of well fitting basics that has taken me years to collect. Therefore everything in my closet goes together but no outfit is complete until I have adorned it with a few gold pieces. Gotta make sure you have a watch to fit the mood (my faves are from Breda Studios - I have the Jane and the Virgil), a little bracelet (I rotate between 3 favorites from Mejuri, the Bangle, Bold Link Chain and the Drawn Cable Chain), and one or two chunky gold rings (I have a lovely collection from Biella Vintage). 

Have you always lived in California? What’s your favourite part about living there? 

I was born and raised in California but I went to my first year for college in London and from London relocated to Portland, Oregon where I lived for 5 years before returning to California. I definitely appreciate what California has to offer; mainly sunshine but I’m a Pacific Northwest girl at heart. I love rain, damp forests and cool air. I need to live in a place where the leaves and weather change with the seasons. 

Where are you a local? What are some of your favourite spots in that city/place? 

I currently live in Ojai where I'm definitely not a local yet but it’s a place I went to a lot as a child growing up in Santa Barbara 40 minutes away. I love being  near the creek, the river, the mountains, and not too far from the ocean. 

Tell us about your self-care ritual? 

Morning- The first this I do when I wake up is immediately get some face oil on to replenish my skin. Next I get into my kitchen and  make a matcha lemonade to go in my water bottle. I use matcha, the juice and zest from a meyer lemon, a splash of maple syrup or honey, and topped with my FAVORITE La Croix flavor, Limoncello. I technically drink this way later in the day but the process of taking the time to make future me a treat makes me feel like I’m really taking care of myself. Finally I make something warm to drink in the car while listening to my book on tape on my way to work. I LOVE commuting to work because my drive is pretty which is a bonus but I also love to start my day with a little time to myself to listen to something or learn something or just be quiet before I need to talk to anyone else. 

Evening- My bed is my favorite place on earth and it’s definitely not by accident! My partner and I have worked really hard to make our bedroom just for rest so we keep all things not conducive to that in the other parts of our living space. After I wash my face well I use my favorite serum from NOTO Botanics and am liberal with my face oil from Sarisha. I light half a stick of incense every night to signal to my body that it’s time to wind down. I'm usually in bed at least an hour before  I actually like to go to sleep because I just have my sweet bed and delicious linen sheets so much!!!

How has your routine evolved in the past year?

I definitely have more time and space in my routine than I ever have before which can be hard for me at times because I like to feel busy and productive but I have been filling my time with new ways to evolve and take better care of myself. I spend so much time cooking now which I love. 

 What were some key takeaways of 2020?  

Time is always such an excuse for me and if 2020 gave me anything it was the opportunity to let go of that narrative. I have had all this extra time and nothing keeping me from working on personal projects and social activism.

What are some of your favourites at the moment? 

Favourite beauty item? 

Flush Balm by Merit! I use the shade Terracotta.

Favourite book? 

The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable” by Amitav Ghosh

Favourite podcast? 

Reply All from Gimlet Media

Favourite song? 

Celle-Ci by Absolem 

What is a SARISHA product you are loving right now?  

The scalp and hair oil is my saviour!!! Im so dry all the time out here in California and my hair is so thankful to get some much needed protection! 

Something you want to tell our community? 

A rule I live by that was referenced in one of my favorite podcasts, Revisionist History from Malcom Gladwell is “Short verbs, strong sentences''. This is one of my favorite and empowering reminders of how I want to move through life.