Name: Catherine Tang 

Bio: Born and raised in Montreal, studied anatomy and cell biology at McGill but I love, love fashion and retail. Moved to Toronto in early 2015 for a promotion at work and thought about starting a loungewear brand, but it was always on the back burner. Officially launched the athleisurewear brand, Saya, brand in Summer 2019 after working on it for a few years. I love Italian food (actually just good food in general), running, playing golf, and meeting new people!

Social links

IG/TIKTOK - @sayathelabel


We know that as a business owner, you wear many hats. If you could give yourself a fun & unique job title, what would it be? Either charcuterie board builder (obsessed with making them) or golden hour hunter since I’m always looking for the best lighting for photos

Where are you a local (city/cities)? 

Montréal, Toronto and maybe Shanghai (that might be a stretch)

What are your 3 favourite spots in Toronto? 

Food- La Banane (every single dessert is to die for)

Drinks- 416 Snack Bar (locals will know that this place has the best bar staff and they are open every day )

Entertainment/Art/Culture-  MOCA Toronto (I volunteer here once in a while and the Museum has studio spaces for up and coming local artists that put show their work during the year!)

What does your self-care routine look like? 

Morning- wake up at 6 am to wash / clean my face, moisturizer and put sunscreen or anything with SPF on, eat a handful of Swedish Berries before going out for my morning run; then come back to shower, drink an espresso and check my emails and messages

Evening- usually have an aperitif before lighting a candle, doing a face mask, eye mask, and / or hair mask, and listen to one of the five sports podcasts I have on rotation before going to bed!

What has been one of the most challenging aspects of starting and growing your business? 

Balance - I like to do everything on my own and it can be overwhelming especially if I don’t write down what needs to get done. I have to remind myself that it’s important to take breaks and there aren’t any shortcuts in building and growing a business - good things take time and hard work!

What is one of the most rewarding things about being a business owner? 

100% the people I’ve met - this includes other incredible small business owners and customers I’ll run into on the street! It’s so so sweet to hear feedback about the products and it’s the community around the brand that makes my heart full.

What are you loving right now? 

Latest purchase- Flowers for myself from Thyme Studios

Song- Pink + White - frank ocean

Book- Know My Name by Chanel Miller

Podcast- the Ringer NBA Show

What are you most grateful for today? 

My family group chat text messages- they’re all hilarious and it makes my day ; imagine a holiday get together with your family and everyone is trying to speak over each other - that’s what my family group chat is like 

What is your favourite SARISHA product? 

I love EVERY SINGLE FRAGRANCE , but if I had to pick one it would be the Eau de Bois rollerball - the perfect evening scent and so convenient to slip into my purse. 
Last words: Thank you for supporting local businesses during this time!